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Sportit deliver innovative and exciting, Active Incursions, designed to engage students of every age, interest and ability. Choose from a wide selection of dynamic experiences, receive exceptional value with multi-centre booking options. Conveniently plan ahead with our new easy booking system to reserve your favourites for 2024/25.

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1:30 pm to 3:00pm


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Mini Ninja Challenge

Children of all ages and abilities can challenge their playground skills as they race and move through a 12-metre course, jumping, climbing and swinging to the finish line!

Giant Ball Games

Our giant balls are a favourite among kids of all ages. Whether they prefer structured play or an imaginative free-for-all, this activity promises endless excitement and laughter.

Chopper Bike Adventures

Thrill children as they race and chase on our innovative pedal cars. Delivered by our energetic team, children will be highly motivated with this unique active experience.

Grand Prix Pedal Carts

Maximise the ‘WOW’ factor our Grand Prix pedal Go-Carts. Children will love zooming through a range of safe and exhilarating Grand Prix races, Road Safety challenges and games.
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Battle Cone Excitement (Coming Soon)

Teams dash in excitement, pressing each cone's light to score points, all tracked by a wireless scoreboard. Feel the adrenaline as you race against time, and at the end, brace for the big reveal to see which team triumphs!

Wet'N'Wild Refreshment (Summer Only)

Slip & Slide and Water Gun adventures will have children keeping cool and completely engaged. Our energetic and professional team will have children highly engaged in this fun experience.

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Programs delivered by 2 fully screened & qualified staff.

Innovative & exciting programs designed to actively engage students of all ages, interests & abilities.

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Options to book 2 centres on 1 day for best value.

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